Stagg Sports Fine Displays for Sports Memorabilia and Other Collectibles
  • Little All Star Single Baseball Display Case Shadow Box

    Please specify the letters you want engraved

    This Display Case includes a Magnetic Laser Engraved Nameplate. 

    The Nameplate is 1/2" tall x 2" wide and is black with gold Lettering.

    2 lines with 20 characters maximum per line.

    The Nameplate is attached to the front of the shelf that the ball sits on.

    The frame for the 4X6 photo matches the door.  4x6 photo can be easily inserted into the 4x6 frame.

    →→To safely capture the adorable handprint use a non-toxic ink pad.
    Place baby's hand onto ink pad then press hand on a non-vinyl baseball.


    • This Display Case has an easy opening front door with a lock to keep your collection safe
    • Suede matting throughout the inside, including the top and bottom of the shelf the Baseball sits on
    • Shadowbox and Door are Solid Wood
    • The Display Case has "UV" filtered Conservation Glass which blocks out 99% of the harmful "UV" rays
    • Unique Homeplate Shape
    • The Baseball sits on top of an individual ball holder
    • Individual wood shelf matches the door

    Display Case is:
    9.5" wide and 10" tall

    ball not included