Stagg Sports Fine Displays for Sports Memorabilia and Other Collectibles
  • Thirty Ball End Table Baseball Display Case

    $1,100.00 $895.00

    • This Premium Thirty Ball End Table Baseball Display Case has a easy opening front door with a lock to keep your collection safe. (Upgrade to a 60 ball case option available)

    • Suede matting throughout the inside, including the top and bottom of the shelves the baseballs sit on

    • Shadowbox and Door are Solid Wood

    • The Display Case has "UV" filtered Conservation Glass which blocks out 99% of the harmful "UV" rays

    • Unique Homeplate Shape
    • The Baseballs sit on top of individual ball holders 

    Case measures 28" wide by 29" long by 24" tall (or upgrade to a 61 ball 34" Wide 35" Long 24" Tall)

    The 1/4" thick beveled table top glass lays on top of the Coffee or End table with rubber spacers to hold the beveled glass off the door of the table to ensure no scratching to the wood door. Can be easily removed for cleaning and access to the table door. By utilizing this double glass system (UV filtered conservation glass in the door of the table and detachable beveled table top glass on top) you don't have to worry about spilling liquids on the table as the second layer of glass in the door of the table protects the memorabilia inside.

    *Baseballs are not included